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Finished the #ScifiMonth Read Along of A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet - Becky Chambers

The Read Along took place all throughout November 2015 of ScifiMonth. Discussion questions and my answers for them are here:


Week 1 (“Transit” to “Port Coriol”): Pink men, Hyperactive Mech Techs, Grandpa-esque Caterpillar-aliens, AI romances, Patchwork Ships…oh, the shenanigans onboard the Wayfarer!


Week 2 ("Port Coriol” to “The Last War”): A diverse cast, questions about sentience and the necessity of weaponry, and more fun times with the crew.


Week 3 (“The Last War” to “Heresy”): In which we meet douchebag Quelins, discuss the price of war, and explore interspecies coupling…hooray!


Week 4 (“Heresy” to end): Space is not a lonely void—it’s full of stars, beauty, life, and hope. It’s a place to be at peace with yourself.